Congressman Bill Flores has enlisted the help of America’s most infamous drug kingpin! What he’s done will shock you…

Great, I’ve got your attention. I wasn’t entirely kidding, but more on that in a moment. Since November’s election, Representative Flores (R-TX) has continued his habit of ignoring and rebuffing his constituents (the ones he hasn’t blocked yet, that is) who have dared to ask hard-hitting questions on social media. Diverse groups of Central Texans have been calling his office in recent weeks to express their displeasure with his stances on various issues, and they were particularly frustrated to read his recent interview with the Dallas Morning News where he makes a baseless claim that at least half of the dissenting calls his office receives come from outside the state. Newsflash, Congressman Flores: we are right here in District 17 and you work for us, too.

It seems, though, that Flores prefers to live in an echo chamber, frequently sharing news from sources that are little more than biased garbage and eschewing town halls entirely.  Apparently you have to pay money to meet our congressman.  Oh, and don’t bother publicly demanding a town hall meeting on social media or criticizing him for ignoring the separation of church and state on his official Facebook page.  Even politely-worded requests are frequently deleted without response.  And if citizens plan their own town hall during the congressional break and extend an invitation to him, well, we’ll see how that works out tomorrow.

On February 3rd, Flores used his verified Twitter account to brush aside a constituent’s open letter regarding the travel ban, saying, “My decisions are based upon facts. Facts based upon briefings from Homeland Security, FBI, IC, classified briefings, etc.; not opinions from Time, USA Today, etc.”  Given Congressman Flores’s condescending tone when he spoke of the inferior sources that his constituents read, you can imagine my surprise when I clicked on a tweet from January 31st labeled “Fact Check: YES, Terrorists Have Come From Countries on President Trump’s Travel Ban” and found that the article our dear congressman had cited was “written” by none other than Walter White, crystal meth kingpin from AMC’s smash hit Breaking Bad. Flores may as well have cited an article by Harry Potter.

Furthermore, the website in question is littered with clickbait and propaganda that reads like castoffs from the National Enquirer. The culture section (I use that term quite loosely) includes such gems as this “Redneck Medical Dictionary.” Had Flores bothered to dig a little deeper, he might have learned that “Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson Just Made a MAJOR Announcement…This Changes EVERYTHING” and “Wikileaks CONFIRMS Hillary Sold Weapons to ISIS…Then Drops Another BOMBSHELL!

I did wonder if perhaps a staffer or intern might have made the error, but a former congressional intern from another district assured me that while someone else may have done the “research,” Flores would have approved the message before it was posted.

My question is this: Should a man who can’t discern real information from fake even be privy to classified briefings, let alone be allowed to weigh in on national security?

Perhaps Flores could, in his breaks from posting fake and biased news, find the time to listen to us, his constituents. Otherwise, in January 2019 he might find himself with a lot more time to catch up on Netflix.